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Corporate Profile
Suzhou Huatai Air Filter Co.,Ltd. is a joint venture of Jiangsu Sujing  Purification Group Co., Ltd and Suzhou Wujing Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. (Controlling shareholder),with 240 workers and  staff , and  land occupied area more than 46000 square meters. The Company is a specialized manufacturer of various air clean products as  primary-efficiency, mid-efficiency, HEPA and ULPA air filters, filter medium, molecular pollutant chemistry filter and air clean unit.
    The company pays great attention to the technical introduction and the product development, it has introduced the advanced production lines for mini-pleat air filter from Germany and Japan, which can provide the users with the air filter with high quality. The Company has also set up a Test Lab for molecular pollutant chemistry filtration so as to provide the solution for the aero-molecular chemicals(AMC) in different environments..
    The production, test and the packing of the air filter are all performed within an air clean environment to ensure the product quality meeting with the demands of GMP. The Company has also developed the molecular pollutant chemistry filter on the base of the technology in 0.1μm  ULPA filter, in view of the rapid development in semiconductor & micro electron industries.
    The sales network of the Company has now covered in nationwide, by way of 9 sales offices  and many sales agents , The products of the Company now involves the fields in biological, drugs manufacture, electronic, semiconductor, foodstuff, hygienic medical service, hospital, aerospace etc.. Huatai`s product with its high quality control system can provide a perfective and  professional service for the user.
    Huatai will always act in obedience to its promises of “To provide you with the systematic resolutions with excellent techniques and professional service for your air clean room”, to meet and satisfies more with requirements in clean environment of the user.
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